The Goal of a Huddle: 

The goal of a Huddle is for you to develop your ability to independently hear God, develop action plans, and follow through. The Huddle process helps you build confidence in hearing God and the capacity to obey him. Yet Huddle isn’t just about you becoming a disciple, it’s about becoming a disciple who makes disciples. Once you have participated in a Huddle, you are expected to begin your own discipleship Huddle, in God's timing. This is was Jesus’s plan to reach all people. It’s what we call discipleship multiplication. 

What is a Huddle? 

  • Huddles are discipleship groups. 

  • Huddle is a group of 3 to 5 students who covenant together for the school term to develop their ability to hear and respond to God. 

  • A Huddle commits to prioritizing a regular and consistent weekly or bi-weekly meeting. (Ideally this meeting would be 1-1.5 hours between classes, leaving evenings and weekends free for missional activity and christian community.)

  • A Huddle consists of helping people answer two questions each time they met: 

    1. What is God saying to me?

    2. What am I going to do about it?

  • A Huddle is for a season only, not forever. The intention is that Huddles multiply over time as people gain confidence to go and lead a Huddle of their own.

What a Huddle is Not! 

  • Huddles are not day-time Core Groups. They are a space outside of a Core Group where students can gain greater accountability and challenge.

  • Huddles are not open new-comers. They are a group of 3-5 people who have covenanted to meeting together regularly. Our Core Groups are a great place to invite new people to attend. In contrast, Huddles grow when current members start a Huddle of their own. 

  • Huddles are not a group that you come to when you feel like it. Huddles are a vehicle for intentionally learning how to be and make disciples.

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