Welcome! We hope that poking around our website will give you a glimpse of what our community is like and a few ways to connect. But right off the bat we want you to know you are loved! We are a community that extends love and embrace to those we are privileged to meet. 


Each and everyone of us has a unique story. Where we've come from. What we've gone through. Where we are going. This is one of the reasons we love getting to know new people and learning their story. You'll find we highly value authentic relationships and making space for real community to flourish. 


We believe this with our whole hearts. And everything we do is motivated to creating space to meet Jesus. Whether it's through our weekly worship gathering, our discipleship groups, or when we serve on mission together, we believe that ultimately Jesus is the one that makes a difference in our lives.

Before the disciples were given the formal call to come follow him, Jesus first gave them the invitation to come and see.  Jesus gave the disciples the opportunity to come and see what life with Jesus would look like. What they discovered was a promise that life with him would bring new revelation and transformation to their lives. We hope that our community will provide a place of belonging as you journey through university and that you will have the opportunity to discover and be more like Jesus in everything you do.

Jesus is inviting you to come and see! 

Our Vision & Mission

University Christian Ministries is an inclusive community of students at UBC Okanagan, seeking a life centered in Jesus while being actively present at university. We believe we are called to love, serve, and participate in the life of the university for the common good.

Our Values

Our community holds to the values described in Acts 2:42-47 where the first disciples of Jesus experienced unity through the Spirit.

Their commitment to discipleship was foundational as they studied, taught, and lived their lives based on the teachings of Jesus and the scriptures. This new life together was one in relationship, learning to love, serve, and care for one another’s practical and spiritual needs. Their lives were also marked by regularly gathering together for prayer & worship, praising the God who rescued and redeemed them. The early church enjoyed the favor of the community around them and their witness resulted in others being included in their number daily.

Our Affiliation

We are not alone. Our group is part of a larger mission in British Columbia under the banner of UCM.

University Christian Ministries’s purpose is to establish vibrant multi-denominational communities of faith on post-secondary campuses within BC and the Yukon, in order to build the church and reach our world. UCM is officially a campus outreach of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada BC/Yukon district. We enjoy the support of, and accountability to a denomination while having the great freedom to partner with many churches from several denominations.

Other Campuses

We are part of a network of other campus ministries in BC and across Canada. 

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