Campus Missionary Apprenticeship

There is no greater call than to submit our lives to Jesus in everything we do. Whatever vocation, career, or calling you sense God directing you to, you need to ask yourself this question: have I taken the time to equip myself to be a minister of the gospel, right now?

Applications Due: March 1, 2020
Duration: May 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021

The Campus Missionary Apprenticeship (CMA) is our 1-Year program to equip a new generation of campus missionaries through practical and supervised on-the-job training and study. If you look at Jesus and his disciples, you'll notice that all their ministry training happened because they were with him. We believe that being equipped to be a missionary best happens in an apprenticeship model where formal instruction is combined with informal training from experienced campus missionaries. At UBC Okanagan we offer an authentic place of growth, where you can work alongside seasoned and knowledgeable campus missionaries who will intentionally help you to learn in the midst of serving in a university ministry context. 

Head - Heart - Hands

This apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to cultivate your theological understanding, spiritual formation, and ministry skills. We call it our head, heart, and hands approach. 

  • Head: Up to 10 hours a week will be devoted to readings and assignments to develop theological training contextualized for campus ministry. Teachings and discussions will occur weekly with an online cohort of apprentices from across the province. Training includes: Discipleship Class, Exegetical Book Study, Introduction to Preaching, Theological Roundtable, and Critical Pastoral Concerns. As well the apprentice will attend several retreats and conferences, including: Student Institute of Campus Ministry, Devotional Life Personal Retreat, UCM Staff gatherings, Campus Tour and Discover the Nations.

  • Heart: Our attention to character formation is what separates our program from many others. Apprentices will meet with a campus pastor for discipleship on a weekly basis, with space for personal discovery and transformation. This intentional care and oversight allows us to uniquely tailor our process to each individual apprentice. We believe that spiritual formation is essential for a vital, long term life in ministry.

  • Hands: The apprentice will are working full-time alongside our ministry leaders. Each apprentice with learn how to lead a small group, disciple students, serve in a specific area of our ministry, engage in reaching-out to students, develop communication skills, raise financial support and much much more.

We want to see university students who have been changed by Christ give their whole lives to ministering to others wherever God calls them to serve. Would you consider joining us this next year? 

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