Nominations 2019

We are seeking official nominations from the body of UCM for the incoming UCM Leadership Team (March 2019-March 2020). We are also asking for suggestions for other non-elected volunteer roles. If you are a UBCO student and consider yourself a part of UCM, please prayerfully discern about your nomination(s). 

What does the leadership team do?

The purpose of the leadership team is to keep the vision and mission of UCM at the forefront of all that we do. As an official UBCSUO Club, the leadership team acts as the elected executive team and represents the club to the students' union and the university. You can either nominate someone to one of the seven elected roles or make a suggestion for the other non-elected volunteer roles. 

What are the responsibilities and duties of each role?

This document describes a summary and a detailed explanation of the responsibilities and duties of each role.  

What level of commitment is expected?

The leadership team meets weekly (Monday evenings) during the school term to pray and plan. Also the team attends a leadership planning retreat in March and at the end of August. It is expected that a leadership team member would fulfill their role and responsibilities for one school year beginning in March 2019 and ending in March 2020, with the opportunity to be re-elected.

Who should we nominate?

We are looking for servant leaders. A servant leaders is someone who can lead others, but does so by willingly serving others. We desire that our leadership team is marked by their servant-like quality, not attracted to popularity, position or power.

How does the nomination process work?

You can fill out the nomination form to the right of this page or a nomination card at the UCM Welcome Table on Thursday Nights. We ask that you only make 1 nomination per position, as you’ll only be able to vote for one person. We will be accepting nomination until February 11. When a member receives 2 or more nominations from within the club we will approach the member and ask them to pray about the nomination. Our AGM Vision Night will be held on Thursday Feb 28, where we will vote in the new student leadership team.


Elections Process Schedule:

Feb 11 | Nominations close

Feb 20 | Deadline for nominee to accept/decline nomination

Feb 28 | AGM Vision Night


Nomination Form: 

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