Grad Party 2017

Last week (April 8), we had our annual grad party - an evening of celebration of our grads. Our theme of the night was "The Game of Life: University Edition". We had touching (and hilarious) speeches about the grads, amazing Greek food, and a beautiful photobooth! What a great way to end the year!

I asked one of our UCM grads, Daylon, about how the grad party was for him and he said,
"The grad party was a very special night. I wouldn't call it sad. The feeling, for me at least, is expectant for the future as well as reminiscent of the past years I was at UCM. Probably my favourite thing about the whole night was reading the comments placed in our bags after. Knowing I had positively affected so many people warmed my heart in a way that's very difficult to explain. I'm looking forward to what's next, but I also know I can always come back to UCM"

Click here to see more pictures from the grad party!

Many thanks to everyone who helped plan, set up, decorate, and make food. They did a wonderful job on this wonderful night. We also appreciate everyone who came out and made the night fun!

Congratulations to all the grads of 2017!!! You have made an impact on the campus during your time at UBCO and we are excited to see where God will take you next.