Good Friday & Easter Services

As we enter into April, we get closer to Good Friday (April 14) and Easter (April 16). Here are some fellow UCMers that would love for you to join them at their church's Good Friday and/or Easter Sunday services:

First Baptist Church - James P. (
The Last Supper - Seder Meal // Good Friday - Peace Meal // Easter Sunday Service: 10:30am @ First Baptist Church

Kelowna Gospel Fellowship - Daylon T. (
Good Friday // Easter Sunday

Epic City Church - Jennifer K. (
Easter Sunday Service: 10am @ Martin Avenue Community Centre

Willow Park Church - Tyler H. (
Good Friday // Easter Sunday

Christ Church - Andrew B. (
Easter Sunday Service: 3pm @ St David’s Presbyterian Church

The House Church - Pierre D. (
Easter Sunday

Trinity Baptist Church - Julian R. (
Good Friday // Easter (Saturday) // Easter Sunday 1 // Easter Sunday 2

We invite and encourage you to attend one of the services where we remember Jesus' death and celebrate his resurrection. Please feel free to contact any of the people on the list to ask for more information about the church or if you need a ride to the service. They would be happy to get connected with you!