Standing Nominations 2017

Over the last several weeks we received a number of nominations from the UCM body for students you feel would serve well on the executive leadership team (aka "Doulos"). After prayer and discernment, each of the following students have decided to allow their names to stand for the corresponding roles: 

  • Morgan Janzen - President 
  • Claire Wolff - Treasurer
  • Angela Leung - VP Communications
  • Seth van Varseveld - VP Thursday Coordinator
  • Miranda Koetsch - VP Worship Coordinator
  • Erik Nicolajsen - VP Connections (Men)
  • Aiden de Vin - VP Connections (Women) 

At UCM this coming Thursday Night, Feb 23, we'll be hosting our annual general meeting and vision night. UCM'ers will be able to vote, as well as have a chance to contribute to the discussion of the vision and mission of UCM. We'll be having conversations about where we see God at work on our campus and how we can more effectively following him in serving this campus and pointing people to Jesus.