Giving 2016

Each year students, alumni, and supporters of this ministry help us accomplish our goals by making financial donations. Would you consider setting aside a donation from your summer earnings towards this year UCM Club Budget?

A few of the expenses we are anticipating this year include: 

  • $800 for Weekly Chair Set-up of UNC Ballroom
  • $2400 for a New Sound Mixer 
  • $500 for Events
  • $500 for our Free Kick-off Bbq 

This might seem like a lot of expenses to cover. But we are faithful that God will provide for all our needs. We were wondering if each UCM student would be willing to pray about an amount they might be able to give, could this entire budget be brought in by September? What amount do you think you could contribute? $50? $100? $200? 

Let’s pray together and see how the Lord provides. 

See our Giving page for details on how to give. 

UNC 200 BALLROOM (Our Weekly Gathering Space) 

UNC 200 BALLROOM (Our Weekly Gathering Space)