Welcome Table Volunteers

We'll be giving away hundreds of free packs of gum to new students all week long. If you'd like to help us connect with new and returning students, sign-up for a shift at our Welcome Table. Simply request to join our "UCM Welcome Table Volunteers" facebook group. Click here!  

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Hands In Service - Job Opportunity

Hands in Service will be hiring two students for full time work this summer. Exact details are still being worked out, but we anticipate 270 hours, either 9 weeks at 30 hrs per week, or 33.75 hrs per week for 8 weeks. These weeks will primarily occur in July and August. There is some flexibility in how the hours are allotted. Please see the attached document for details. Please email a resume asap, as we plan to make a decision early June.

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New Leadership Team

This past Thursday, February 23, we hosted our AGM and voted on our new leadership team. Everyone was confirmed into their positions. Your new leadership team is as follows:

Morgan Janzen - President
Claire Wolff - Treasurer
Angela Leung - VP Communications
Seth van Varseveld - VP Thursday Coordinator
Miranda Koetsch - VP Worship Coordinator
Erik Nicolajsen - VP Connections (Men)
Aiden de Vin - VP Connections (Women)

It was very good to reflect on this past year of UCM at the AGM. We were able to have some good discussion and make plans for the following year. Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to the future of UCM!