Food For Thought Volunteers

A program called Food for Thought, which is part of the larger non-profit organization called Hope for the Nations, is actively looking for volunteers to help sort and deliver food to schools involved in their breakfast program. This program helps ensure that children who are at risk for food insecurity receive Canadian food guide approved breakfasts so they don’t have to go through their school day hungry. This program is 100% inclusive for all students and is totally free. They are looking for people who have 1-2 hours to spare on Tuesday mornings, and who have a reliable mode of transportation. If you are interested, find out more at

Jaden Cormack
Food for Thought Program Coordinator
Hope for the Nations
(Office) 250-712-2007

UCM Clothing

UCM Clothing

The UCM 2017/2018 shirt design is released and we are now ready for orders!

Order your shirt NOW and get it in time to represent UCM at UBCO in January at Emerge! Shirts will be ready for distribution the first UCM Thursday Night of 2018 (Jan 4) and payment will be collected at pickup.


Hands In Service - Job Opportunity

Hands in Service will be hiring two students for full time work this summer. Exact details are still being worked out, but we anticipate 270 hours, either 9 weeks at 30 hrs per week, or 33.75 hrs per week for 8 weeks. These weeks will primarily occur in July and August. There is some flexibility in how the hours are allotted. Please see the attached document for details. Please email a resume asap, as we plan to make a decision early June.

Grad Party 2017

Last week (April 8), we had our annual grad party - an evening of celebration of our grads. Our theme of the night was "The Game of Life: University Edition". We had touching (and hilarious) speeches about the grads, amazing Greek food, and a beautiful photobooth! What a great way to end the year!

I asked one of our UCM grads, Daylon, about how the grad party was for him and he said,
"The grad party was a very special night. I wouldn't call it sad. The feeling, for me at least, is expectant for the future as well as reminiscent of the past years I was at UCM. Probably my favourite thing about the whole night was reading the comments placed in our bags after. Knowing I had positively affected so many people warmed my heart in a way that's very difficult to explain. I'm looking forward to what's next, but I also know I can always come back to UCM"

Click here to see more pictures from the grad party!

Many thanks to everyone who helped plan, set up, decorate, and make food. They did a wonderful job on this wonderful night. We also appreciate everyone who came out and made the night fun!

Congratulations to all the grads of 2017!!! You have made an impact on the campus during your time at UBCO and we are excited to see where God will take you next.

Good Friday & Easter Services

As we enter into April, we get closer to Good Friday (April 14) and Easter (April 16). Here are some fellow UCMers that would love for you to join them at their church's Good Friday and/or Easter Sunday services:

First Baptist Church - James P. (
The Last Supper - Seder Meal // Good Friday - Peace Meal // Easter Sunday Service: 10:30am @ First Baptist Church

Kelowna Gospel Fellowship - Daylon T. (
Good Friday // Easter Sunday

Epic City Church - Jennifer K. (
Easter Sunday Service: 10am @ Martin Avenue Community Centre

Willow Park Church - Tyler H. (
Good Friday // Easter Sunday

Christ Church - Andrew B. (
Easter Sunday Service: 3pm @ St David’s Presbyterian Church

The House Church - Pierre D. (
Easter Sunday

Trinity Baptist Church - Julian R. (
Good Friday // Easter (Saturday) // Easter Sunday 1 // Easter Sunday 2

We invite and encourage you to attend one of the services where we remember Jesus' death and celebrate his resurrection. Please feel free to contact any of the people on the list to ask for more information about the church or if you need a ride to the service. They would be happy to get connected with you!

Giant Dutch Blitz Night

On March 17, 2017, about 25 people showed up to play a MASSIVE game of dutch blitz in the ballroom. Each team worked together to get as many points as possible with a new rule in every round to keep things interesting! I can't remember who won - it certainly wasn't my team... But what matters is that everyone had an amazing time!

During the last round a hilarious twist was added that made the "runners" hop on one foot to deliver the giant cards to the middle. After all the running, sweating, and laughing, we enjoyed some snacks and chats.
Thanks Aiden for leading such a fun night!

New Leadership Team

This past Thursday, February 23, we hosted our AGM and voted on our new leadership team. Everyone was confirmed into their positions. Your new leadership team is as follows:

Morgan Janzen - President
Claire Wolff - Treasurer
Angela Leung - VP Communications
Seth van Varseveld - VP Thursday Coordinator
Miranda Koetsch - VP Worship Coordinator
Erik Nicolajsen - VP Connections (Men)
Aiden de Vin - VP Connections (Women)

It was very good to reflect on this past year of UCM at the AGM. We were able to have some good discussion and make plans for the following year. Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to the future of UCM!