Bible Workshop: Romans

Guest Speaker: Pastor Levi Simpson (KGF Church

UCM practices reading the bible together in community. During the Winter term we will be reading the book of Romans in our Core Groups.

But often reading the bible together raises many questions: How do I read the bible? What assumptions do we often make as 21st century readers of this ancient text. What does it mean for the bible to have authority in our lives? How should we respect both the simplicity and the complexity of reading the bible?   

This workshop is intended to help us prepare to the read the book of Romans this semester and learn how to read the bible on its own terms. All students are welcome, especially if you'd like to help lead a Core Group in the future. 

Date: Saturday, January 05
Time: 10am - 2pm
Location: FIP 124 (TBA)

Free SUBWAY lunch provided for those who register! 

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